RHC Pipeline Report Disclaimer

Red Hook Capital (RHC) provides a weekly report of deals that RHC finds of interest through “RHC Pipeline Report.” Below is a disclaimer,  an advisory, and a note for this report.

DISCLAIMER: Information is provided by 3rd party sources such as AP, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, PR Wire, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and other 3rd party sources and is not verified.

ADVISORY:  Please visit the company or investor’s website when sourcing news information.  RHC Pipeline Report information is collected via a 3rd party and is not verified.  Third parties sources and even a company press release may or may not provide the correct information.

NOTE:  Please visit the source such as the investors or company website.  In many cases, a link to the company website is provided as most information is provided by a 3rd party on this website.


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