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MILWAUKEE, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Northwestern Mutual announced today it has designated $150 million to form Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures Fund II, an extension of the company’s corporate venture capital fund that launched in 2017. Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures Fund II will continue to advance the company’s investment strategy and provide a greater opportunity to engage startups whose technologies have the potential to further transform how people experience and achieve financial security.

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  • XFactor Ventures, a NYC-based venture capital firm focused on investing in companies with at least one female founder, launched its second fund, with $8.6m in capital commitments
  • Santé Ventures, an Austin, Texas-based healthcare and life sciences investment firm, closed its third fund, at $250m
  • Global agrifood investment firm Finistere Ventures, venture investor OurCrowd, Israeli food manufacturer Tnuva, and Israeli beverage company Tempo Beverages created a consortium to invest $100M in Israeli agrifood startups
  • Venture capital firm Panacea Venture raised over $180.5k for its first healthcare fund
  • Newly formed Paris and London based venture capital firm Future Positive Capital has launched its Pan-European deep tech fund and held the first close, at $57.1m
  • Northwestern Mutual has committed $150m to the second fund of Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, an extension of its corporate venture capital fund that launched in 2017

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